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So the sword is deeply in love. (16th Nov 22 at 1:22am UTC)
"The time has not yet come. The Lark Palace is the most secret place. A little carelessness, or the evil way is ruthless to destroy the evidence of the crime, only to close the organs, not to kill these poor women." "Then you're going to." "Act according to circumstances and don't act too hastily." Sha Qianli attacked the Biluo Palace and captured the rope ladder to the top of the mountain. The thirty minions were all first-class masters. Among them, the one-legged demon, with nine fingers, was one of the ten evil demons. It can be imagined that they were powerful. However, they were stopped at the gate tower of the outer gate. There are four buildings in the whole gate tower, which is the downhill gateway of Biluo Palace. There are many mechanisms, all of which are made of wheat and wood. There are many people who guard it firmly. It takes a lot of time to attack, and you have to pay a considerable price. Sha Qianli did not mention the assistance of the Eight Heavenly Kings. The Eight Heavenly Kings only said that they would not intervene in the dispute between the two sides. Before the situation was not clear, all the people in the Eight Stronghold stayed out of it and sat on the mountain to watch the tigers fight. Three of the four buildings had been attacked, and ten of the sixteen old men who were responsible for guarding them had died, and the remaining six were late guarding the back end of the last building, which was the road leading to the inner gate more than ten Zhangs away. If you only had to break through the building and win the way, you could attack from any side of the inner gate and cross the gate inward! A total of thirty masters came to Shaqianli and captured the Sanfu building. The price was that Sibao died in the office. Three of them were killed by the old Taoists with hidden arrows. Almost a quarter of them were lost, and the casualties were heavy. The people who took the lead in attacking the last building were the nine-fingered old way, the multi-armed ape Pan Boquan, the ghost first Huang Pengfei, and the White Cliff Lord Xie Sheng. The White Cliff Mountain Lord had Nai Mei Yu Luocha to stay in Biluo Palace. He was worried about Nai Mei's safety, so he rushed in desperately,hot tub spa manufacturers, hoping to meet Nai Mei earlier. All the people covered their faces with scarves. He only showed his eyes and did not answer the old Taoist, so as not to reveal his identity. Fengyue Taoist has brought disaster to many enemies in Jianghu. Who knows that they are a group of masters in Shaqianli, but they don't know that Fengyue Taoist is wily. He has already sent someone to follow him. He has also got the Dark Chun Communicator of the Eight Stronghold Stronghold. He already knows their identity. In order to prevent the ambush such as the trap cake, all the people, in addition to carrying their own weapon, all hold an iron eyebrow stick in their hands. This kind of stick can be used to clear the way, and can also prevent the fall of the trap board, which is very useful. Jiuzhi Laodao took the lead,whirlpool bathtub, and Baiya Lord followed closely. With a clap, the nine-fingered Laodao smashed the bright window on the left with a stick and raised his hand. The Lord of Baiya Mountain carried a big flowerpot and threw it in. Sneeze.. Three strong bends shot out of the window. The archer is an old hand in this way. Instead of shooting the flowerpot, he intercepts the window to stop the people who enter later. The nine-fingered old road stuck to one side, suddenly jumped sideways, and rolled into the window like lightning. The Lord of the White Cliff also bravely rolled in and fell to his side. The hall downstairs was so dark that I couldn't see my hand. The Lord of the White Cliff Mountain let out a roar of anger, and the ghost and the multi-armed ape immediately followed the man. Sha Qianli has led people into the yard. "Climb the stairs," he said in a low voice. "You can reach the inner gate from both sides. Go up!" When the building was less than twenty feet high, he jumped up, stuck it to the window on the second floor, slammed it with his shoulder, and rolled into the building with the broken window. Suddenly there was a terrible howl in the darkness, and a veteran inside was hit by his open bullet. At the same moment, the second master of climbing the stairs, was hit by a hidden weapon, outdoor whirlpool tub ,best whirlpool tub, on the windowsill of the body can not support, screaming missed and fell out. Downstairs, with the nine fingers into the people, began to demolish the house, step by step into the building, the six old road in the building was killed in the hall five, the last one fled to the inner gate, but less than three Zhangs away from the inner gate tower, was a sleeve arrow shot by a multi-armed ape two Zhangs away, one did not escape. The dark inner gate tower, like a mountain, stood in front of us, without human voice, without light, and looked gloomy and frightening. The door of the shed was wide open, and the oak was waiting for the visitor. The Lord of the White Cliff Mountain took the lead, raising his iron bar and shouting, "I will enter first and seize the gate tower first." Jiu Zhi Lao Dao laughed and said, "We don't have to attack the periphery and occupy the outer gate. We've already succeeded half of the way. We can enter in two ways. The poor way takes the lead and goes straight across the gate to attack the vital point of the rear hall." Sha Qianli pointed to the left side and said, "Let's go up and look at the situation first. Brother Li Zheng, please guard this side. We must prevent the demon road from breaking out and blocking our retreat.".
” Zhan Rong, the night ghost, smiled and said, "Why waste time breaking into the palace?"? Our loss is not too big, put the torch Biluo Palace burned to the ground, the demon way will come out to die. "If we burn down Biluo Palace, won't Fengyue Taoist be ruthless and irreconcilable with us?" Sha Qianli said thoughtfully. Only after burning the Biluo Palace will he be dead set on following us. After catching him, even if he doesn't yield? "This.." Beautiful women in the palace are like clouds. It's a pity to burn them. The one-legged demon snorted heavily and said, "Nephew Sha, it's a bit short-sighted. The women in Biluo Palace are all broken flowers and willows. After you build a gang, there will be many beauties in the world. You can choose hundreds of them. What are the women in Biluo Palace?" Sha Qianli beat the iron bar in his hand and said flatly, "Good, set fire to it." The Lord of Baiya Mountain was frightened. "Brother Sha," he cried, "don't forget that my sister is in the palace now. You can't set fire to her." "This.." Sha Qianli was embarrassed and said hesitantly. "Lord Xie," said the nine-fingered old Taoist, "my sister is not a muddle-headed person. At the same time, the evil way will never know that we are the ones who attacked tonight, so we won't suspect your sister. Your sister will find a chance to get away. Don't worry! "No, Xie can't take risks." Zhan Rong, the night ghost, sneered and said, "Can it be said that the mountain Lord wants our brothers to die in vain for the sake of your sister?" Muke Zong Liang's heart was as hard as iron. Everyone in Jiangxi knew that he was a cold-blooded man. He said coldly, "If you say you're going to set fire, you're going to set fire. What's a few dead?"? "Those who oppose arson are not our brothers." "You have no relatives inside, so of course you are in favor of arson..." "Girls are outgoing. Your sister is not one of your Xie family, man." An old man in Huajia rushed to say,massage bathtub manufacturers, gritted his teeth, jumped down the wooden fence and left quietly. They were all looking for dead wood and hay to make a musket, but no one noticed that the owner of the White Cliff had gone away in anger. monalisa.com
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