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Blood is rolling, the battle is imminent, every Beamon soldier is closely following the flag of his regiment, speeding up the movement to the north of the enemy, the huge cactus destroyed the formation very badly, but fortunately this cactus jungle disappeared in the desert ten miles away, if it is in the opposite direction of movement, The cactus jungle in the south, which stretches for hundreds of miles, is too annoying. Mulan really is not really in pose, in the Beamon expeditionary force through the cactus jungle, and then pushed forward fifteen miles or so, Mulan camp yuanmen rushed out of a team of camel cavalry, hooves stirred up the smoke and dust, in the distant horizon gathered into a rolling yellow dragon, separated by nearly twenty miles,brushed stainless steel sheet, You can even hear the cavalry shouting and the loud whipping of the horse, and the earth is trembling. His Highness Kahn waved the whip, the entire Beamon expeditionary force bound twenty miles away from the enemy, Prince Lionheart felt a trace of regret, if the other side of the Beamon army movement five miles, with the speed of the movement of the wolf cavalry,304 Stainless Steel Coil, they are really finished. However, his Highness Kahn also produced a trace of admiration for the quality of Mulan soldiers, these Mulan cavalry is too sophisticated, thousands of horses in front of us, but there is no panic. Now Beamon needed to wait, and the officers of each regiment immediately ordered the soldiers to replenish water and food. The scouts, signalmen and staff officers were the busiest now. Although it was the first time to use the lookout for remote survey, the staff officers quickly grasped the magical military equipment, a large number of enemy movements and air cavalry. It was quickly compiled into intelligence and submitted to His Highness Kahn, the commander of the legion. Now Mulan air cavalry is very restrained, although it has been lifted off, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, but always hovering over the array, Beamon side of the air cavalry because of fear of the other side's magnetic storm weapons, is also very restrained. Your Royal Highness, what is the situation now? When will the war begin? Liu shocked to the front of Beamon's huge battle array, holding a huge cactus in his hand, while eating the juice splashing, while looking at the frowning Prince Kahn. Under the crown, although you and I are at the same level, if I see you and your troops are so undisciplined again, I will not hesitate to order the military police to cut off your head for public display! Prince Kahn was very discontented to see Liu shock for a long time, from the teeth out of such a string of harsh words. His Royal Highness's heart is also a little puzzled, just saw the guard of the Summer Palace of the God of War and the boring chief shaman actually cut down cactus over there, walked ten miles, these guys actually did not blush and gasp to catch up again, strange and strange. Your Highness, do you want to rebel? Liu shook and wiped the sweet juice from the corners of his mouth. He burst out laughing: "My Summer Palace Guard of the God of War has just been reorganized from the followers and the militia. It belongs to the followers. You let us militia self-defense forces also learn from the regular army and put them in formation. Aren't you forcing good people into prostitution?" "Shit!" Prince Lionheart hit himself hard on the head and scolded himself for being a fool. His Royal Highness has just seen thousands of soldiers wandering freely, forgetting that these guys are not regular soldiers but followers, and have committed an occupational disease in vain. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter three hundred and nine desert first handsome General Pinto, the chief of staff, shook his head violently and had nothing to say. In fact, it was not only the prince who made this mistake, but also the Beamon generals of the legions who obviously had a look of resentment. As a result, everyone forgot one thing. The two regiments were actually irregular regiments composed of followers! Counting the sacrifices of the entire Kingdom of Bimon, the most qualified and arrogant Swan Sacrifice, Lord Mourinho, has only a hundred followers. The general Vida Shaman and Scepter Sacrifice even retain only a few followers. Most of the sacrifices have at most ten to twenty followers, among which one or two powerful war races are already smiling.
The Divine Comedy Shaman was so good that he pulled out more than two regiments at once. The three armed forces were complete, and all of them were the main battle races. The generals who saw the "whip of the God of War" were so jealous that they did not know what he relied on to feed so many mouths on that great wasteland. Where did the steel come from to meet so many equipment requirements? Too bad for such a good soldier! If you bring it to me, it will definitely be an invincible team! His Highness Kahn turned his head away. He really didn't want to see it. He couldn't help being angry when he saw that such a magnificent Beamon warrior was all a mob. Who says it's not an invincible team for me? Liu shook up the last bite of cactus and threw it into the distance: "Isn't that the whole queue?"? All my warriors need is a perfect turtle-shaped array, and we Beamons don't have to learn the standard array of human pikemen. "Under the crown and the guards are moving very fast. A while ago, they were cutting down cactus in the back. 'Whoosh', they arrived again." A Fox aide smiled at Liu, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere. Five kilometers of armed cross-country was only a basic subject as early as the era of Feilengcui militia. Liu shook his head with a laugh and said in a slightly sarcastic tone, "Did you hear what I said?"? It's a basic subject! My militiamen are bound with sandbags every day, resisting logs to reload cross-country! "I know that there are no weak soldiers under a strong general. I apologize to you, under my crown!" His Highness Kahn's face was a little jittery, and he nodded to the old rascal: "But …" I really don't want my men to be with your soldiers under the crown. Your undisciplined style will corrupt the rest of our Beamon warriors! After all,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Beamon warriors who are not expeditionary legions may not have the qualities of guards of Feilengcui Summer Palace! I'll give you a task. Please help me to survey the ruins of the ancient city. "Is there an ambush on the other side?" Liu shook and spat out the fruit core in his mouth, turned around and stared at the ruins of the ancient city on the right side, which had been half obliterated by the wind and sand. sxthsteel.com